Dragonboating has a rich history, being deeply embedded in Chinese culture dating back over 2000 years and in recent years is becoming one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world.

It is a fantastic sporting activity that emphasises timing, technique and teamwork. Paddling is excellent for anyone's overall health and well-being, as it utilises the upper body, trunk and core strength, as well as building stamina.

Dragonboating can be competitive or casual; it is definitely social and fun.

Dragonboating is also an ideal physical activity for breast cancer survivors.

It is non-weight bearing which is associated with a low risk of injury. Breast cancer survivors are also able to reach out to other women and men, offering each other hope, support and companionship. There are numerous breast cancer Dragonboating teams worldwide, and at least eight affiliated teams within New Zealand, including Taranaki Dragons.

Training Information


Wednesday & Sunday; times are dependent on daylight saving and tides.


Based at the Waitara Boating (Yacht) Club.

Marine Park, West Beach, Waitara.


Quick dry sports gear and water shoes. Thermals if the weather is cold.Bring water bottle, towel and dry clothes.Life jackets are compulsory and are provided.


Regular training is encouraged. A text is sent out before each paddle; please reply if requested.

Before Training

Sign-Sheet: To be ticked by each paddler before each training session.

Boat Readiness: All paddlers help to get the dragon boat and rescue boat out of the shed.

Gear: Collect a life jacket and a paddle.

Warm-up: Beginning of each training session.

Allocation of seats: Sweep or team captain will organise seating.

Launching: All paddlers help to launch the Dragonboat and assist the rescue boat driver when needed.

After Training

Dragonboat: All paddlers assist to bring the Dragonboat to the storage shed, wash down the Dragonboat and paddles and assist with the rescue boat when needed.

Warm down: Individual paddler responsibility.